I am hooked on Pinterest

I am a very social girl. More so than probably is healthy and smart!
And when I tried out Pinterest yesterday I at first was a bit skeptical. But now… 24 hours later….

I am hoocked!

I went to pinterest.com and applied for an invite, and 2 hours later, I got my self an email with an invite. 🙂 And now, I have the app as well.
And now my phone is out of battery…. It is so much fun! But I am kind of glad I am not following me, cause I probably spam all my followers with all my interests.

The goal of this social network is to find inspiration on you hobbies and likes, and share with others, and find others who shares your passion and hobbies. It is based on pictures and some videos. You see a picture you like, you pin it to a board of your choosing. The board could be named… Gardening, movies I want to see, my favorite travel destinations and so on!
In the advertising and design business they call it moodboards.



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