Is it really ok to thrive alone in solitude?

I am a lonely child, and grew up in a calm and quite home. Not much happened, and I spent a lot time on my own.

Now as a grown up working in a open office landscape and with a busy family at home, I love being alone. I never told anybody this, because I thought it to be wrong.
I was afraid that my family and son would think that I did not appreciate their company. But I do! Actually I want more kids (can’t have more due to a blood disease). Its just that I need to be alone sometimes. Can´t explain why!

A couple of days ago I was recommended this TED talk as I work with education. So I watched it, and now I had to see it again. And pieces are falling into place! Is it actually ok for me to want to be alone now and then? And on top of that, is it even very useful?

I recommend you to watch this TED talk with Susan Cain!



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