Trying to be the perfect girl

This is not an article about the wonderful Kate Middleton. The quiet, polite and well behaved girl standing tall smiling behind her husband. The Kate who has become a heroine to all us girls. This is an article about you and me!

Most of us dream of being dependent on strong men that care for us. Men that lock our door at night, men that could take down any burglar should they try to enter, men that make us feel safe and protected.

Luckily this is only happening in our dreams as of jet. The reality is quite different.

Girls nowadays work 9 hour days before they run home to help the kids with their homework while making dinner with veg from the garden, drive the kids off to football practice and pop by the gym visiting our not so friendly treadmill.

We get home after dark, slurp a glass on wine while ironing some shirts in front of the telly. Then around eleven we pop into the shower getting our sexy on, hoping we look and smell good for the last action point of the day; being a good wife in bed!


No wonder the Kate Middleton life seems tempting!

Yes off course I am exaggerating a bit. But I myself do all this AND more every week. And while all this is going on, the men in our society are behaving softer and more feminine then before. Almost more like us women.

Was that our intent when we asked for more equality in everyday life?

Are the women of the world´s fascination about the 50 Shades of Gray books a cry for more masculine men?

Our mums and grandmothers living in the 60´s are furious over this thinking, or lack there of. How they have fought and burned bras for us girls. Protested and advocated so that we would have higher education, higher salary and better conditions then the ladies before us.
Are we ready to give all this away?

On a busy day I must say I am tempted. But when I really sit down and do the math, I am not.
But is there a middle way?

Is there a way that I can be well educated, a good mum, a good wife and still have a career at the same time, or do I have to choose?


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