My wonderful Apple Crumble Latte
My wonderful Apple Crumble Latte

Yesterday and today was not good workdays! I hate it when the temperature rises between collogues. Especially when I am one of them! You can not scream at them, because it has to many consequences, you have to keep your tung in control standing tall and not do stuff you will regret!

Some of these heavy days I run away from work an hour or two. I am allowed, as long as I work it back in again.

I hop on the train to the airport and indulge in a sugar feast at Starbucks! Its my secret pickmeup!
Today I treated myself with a lovely Apple Crumble Latte! Wow it was sooo good!

And I do love all the excitement on the airport. People coming or leaving. Some tired after long flights or long work week before a long flight, and other exited to go or come here on holiday! Energetic atmosphere!

Well here I am, on the train back. In far better mood and ready for some action before the weekend comes and lulles me away in all its glory! Sunlight, Colors, Friends, Family and laughter!

I hope you make a great weekend!!!


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