Quitting alcohol

I am finally quitting drinking alcohol. Not the best timing in the world since Christmas is coming up with all the fun parties, dinners and after work hangouts. But when is really a good time to do it?

As my body do not respond very well to alcohol, and this problem only seems to get bigger the older I get, I now throw in the towel. Its not like I drink very often, it is just that I get allergic like reactions to it.

I have already attended a few parties, not drinking. Testing out a bit if I am to declare it, or just make an excuse about loosing weight or driving a car. It is not a very popular thing to do this. Especially with some of my friends that have wine, beer or Whiskey as a hobby.

I still am not sure what to do. At least I do not want to lie directly, so if they digg, I will tell.

As a start I have set a goal to not drink for one year. 
I will try to have a doctor investigate this further in hopes of finding a why this happens. But even if I find out. This one year is a promise to myself. 
This is what I will gain: 

1. No hangovers or allergic reactions
2. Less spent money
3. Less intake of calories, and will probably be very thin in no time 😉
4. Get up early in the mornings after
5. Less strain on my liver and body in general

What I will loose:
1. Socializing with colleagues and friends at the pub after work
2. Rewarding myself with the alcohol buzz after a busy week
3. Might loose an invite or two
4. The excitement of pairing a good wine with a meal

If you have any experiences on this or thoughts, please share!


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