New years resolutions


I am very serious in making new years resolutions. I think this is so that I can concentrate on some important topics in my busy life, and put everything else aside.

1. Work better
I used to have a manager that told me in detail how to do my work. But now this has changed. My new manager leaves everything up to me… Which I am not using to the best of my knowledge or potential. So in 2013 I will use this and turn this headache of a job of mine into the perfect fit!
I am aware that this will require me to work some overtime and I will probably walk to bed with my head filled with work, but I will give it my best. As I am not at all happy as of now, it cannot get any worse!
And if I am not more happy with the situation come july, I will resign and find something else (in the opposite order).

2. Help my son at school and home
My son is as I am…. a bit lazy. He loves most activities when he is in the middle of it, but is really hard to get out  of his computer. My goal this next year is to be a bit harder on him (in a good way). I will force him to come out and do activities with us. I will make him watch movies about human relations other then blowing stuff up, and read the newspaper with him, explaining what really goes on behind the big headlines.
This one is not rocket science. This is what a mum is supposed to do, but as I also am lazy, sometimes I just give in. Let him live in his computer for just one more evening. And as computers and gaming is his biggest interest, I off course allow him to indulge in that world as well, just not all the spare time. And in the future a little less 🙂
Just to make sure that I don´t fall back to old ways, I will make it one evening a week. That day computers will be forbidden and fun with mum will be the new theme. As he is 14 I bet he will be thrilled 🙂

One other thing I´ve been meaning to teach him is how to talk to teachers. He is working really hard on his studying but is not getting the results on tests. I need to help him gain contact with his teachers so that he can seek guidance on how to succeed. Asking for help is some of the hardest things in everyday life, and getting started early must be a plus! This will also be done/started in 2013.

3. More happy
When I was younger I used to laugh all the time. I had loads of energy. Not to the extent of being annoying, but at least I had proper laughs many times a day. These days I am often down, my mood is really shit and I do not even know why…
This did not come crashing one day, but gradually gotten worse the last five-ten years. 3 years ago I had as a resolution to laugh more, and it worked. I saw comedies both at the cinema and theater. I got my colleagues and friends to tell jokes and I watched loads of standup on Youtube. This year I intend to do more of this. I am also getting myself a new dog. I have never owned a puppy (which I guess would make this resolution a lot easier), but have adopted to adult dogs. I want to adopt now too, If I can find one that fits our need.

4. Talking better care of myself and my son bodies.
I´ve just stopped drinking alcohol all together. I will do some more outdoor activities, and buy some equipment for exercising at home. 1 yoga mat and 2 cowbells within 1 of March.

I will make more food from scratch and grow my own in my garden. More juices and Smoothies for my son (does not care for fruit and veg at all, but do drink smoothies and juice). I will eat/drink more spirulina as this is good for my blood (I have a blood disease). I will try to make one dinner each week without meat.
I will find out why I react so violently when drinking small amounts of alcohol before ever trying it again. As my son exercises at school, I will set the goal to:
Once a week with my son and once a week alone. If I skip once, I will have to pay it back the next week.

5. I will get some advice on how to save up for buying property in UK.
In about 10 years I will by myself some property in the UK. In the beginning maybe just a loft or a forgotten stable somewhere, but in the end and long before retiring I will live part of the year in England and part of it here. I know where I am going, it is just good to get advice on where to put the money as I am saving for this first step of my big dream!
In a few years time I should also seek some advice in UK how to actually do the buying and loaning of money. Do I need the whole amount or not, or will I be able to get a loan, and if so, from here or there…

I also want to make a short list on how I want to be perceived, who do I want other people to see me as.
At work: Calm, thorough and not afraid to make decisions.
With family and friends: Centered, good listener and more forgiving


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