Getting fitter – yes it is that time of the year

So this blog will be my exercise journal the next months. I am going to get back into shape. Normally I start off January with a detox (love them), but this year it will have to wait. I am a mum first, and now is not a good time in my family to run off on my own foodwise. So I will eat less, log everything I eat in my Lifesum app.

My basement has an unused corner and it will now be my personal gym. It will have a bike, kettle bells, mats, wights, a ball, speakers that connect with my phone and candles for my yoga sessions.

I have made myself a playlist on Spotify. It is 2 warm up tracks, 4 heavy lifting tracks, 1 cool down track, and then 3 yoga tracks. The last one will make me sleep for sure! Might have a wakeup alarm in there as well 🙂

A picture of my corner gym will arrive shortly 😉

Here is my playlist, suggestions are wanted!


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