First workout of 2015 – Auch

Armed with my brand new playlist, some candles and a magazine with a promesing strength routine I headed for my basement. My corner gym!

I did 2 mins of the Kettlebell swing and then 2 minutes with toe kicks opposite streighIMG_20150104_185118t arm/hand. Finished the warm up with some jogging around the mat feeling pretty stupid. πŸ˜€

For strength I did about 7 minutes of legs and 5 minutes arms. After that about 5 minutes abs and back.

I then started the yoga part and did 3 Sun salutations, the frog, the warrior, the triangle and ended up in some good stretches.
I then mediated for about 10 minutes, not very successfully. Loads of thoughts streaming through πŸ™‚

Al in all it was a good workout to be the first since before Christmas! About 1 hour after workout my muscles started complaining. Now, the morning after it is picking up! Its a good pain though! πŸ˜‰


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