I miss India

Work has taken me to India quite a few times and I truly love it. It has been 6 months since last visit, and it looks like its a long time until next visit.
I love the smiling kind people, all the colors, the extreme contrasts and the fabulous foods.

My day there would typically be like this:
Up at 5
Yoga with the view of the sunrise by the pool
Big breakfast
Work for 9 hours
1 hour by the pool
Big dinner

In the weekends I would go shopping, hiking and sightseeing.

I soo hope this was not my last visit to India, and probably will save up and spend my vacations there in near future!

2014-05-07 10.22.40
The garden at my hotel is wonderful!
2014-05-08 11.17.07
Not everybody spends their mornings wandering about in their garden…
2014-05-08 13.30.42
Colorful girls out in the streets during the monsoon
I love that the trucks are painted in these vibrant colors!
Fishing boats in the morning mist!
Shopping in India is NOTHING like shopping in Norway!

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