I miss India

Work has taken me to India quite a few times and I truly love it. It has been 6 months since last visit, and it looks like its a long time until next visit.
I love the smiling kind people, all the colors, the extreme contrasts and the fabulous foods.

My day there would typically be like this:
Up at 5
Yoga with the view of the sunrise by the pool
Big breakfast
Work for 9 hours
1 hour by the pool
Big dinner

In the weekends I would go shopping, hiking and sightseeing.

I soo hope this was not my last visit to India, and probably will save up and spend my vacations there in near future!

2014-05-07 10.22.40
The garden at my hotel is wonderful!
2014-05-08 11.17.07
Not everybody spends their mornings wandering about in their garden…
2014-05-08 13.30.42
Colorful girls out in the streets during the monsoon
I love that the trucks are painted in these vibrant colors!
Fishing boats in the morning mist!
Shopping in India is NOTHING like shopping in Norway!

My travel cosmetics

I should probably have an exiting job that was taking me around the world. I don´t.
I love traveling!
I use most of my savings on it, and when I daydream, I go on vacation!
Not known to be one of those cool backpacker girls that hike around exotic islands. I am quite boring when I travel. I do Europe… Well, I have been to the magical India quite a few times now, but mainly its just Europe.

I love England, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Yes and also Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

My skin is a nightmare. It is oily, breaking out by the minute, dry patches, wrinkles, freckles and gets sunburned even with no sun present. So when I go traveling, I need my skincare even and also especially when I travel!
IMAG1849-3 IMAG1848-3
After 15 years on Dermatologica and 3 years with Origins I have now entered the Liz Earle period. It started out as with everybody else. The magnificent Hot cloth cleanser. And as everybody else that has tested it, the first time its like: “WOW can my skin really feel this clean?” And yet its still soft and moist. I fell in love instantly.
Then came the tonic and then the day cream light. My skin loves this stuff.
Its not magical, but it sure is good value for money. And have you ever seen a brand with this many travel size products?

Under you see the other products I love and bring with me. All of them available in travel sizes! The images should be clickable so that if you are curious you can check out where there available.

Travel beauty products

I really was inspired by Vivianna does makeup and her packing for travels. I went straight to Muji and bought the travel bag and love it to bits. It fits everything even though so small. And yes it is the size small that both Anna and I have.
I am not one of those blogger girls that get sent a lot of free suff. I have bought these products on my own, and are not payed or supported in any way.

Home workout is the best! New efficient videos

Oh my goodness I can hardly walk… My hips and thighs are so sore. As I always do, I went out a bit to hard and ended up like a stranded whale on the mat.
I searched youtube to find a couple of workout videos cause I was a bit bored by my normal regime.
I wanted one that would target the hips, thighs and area around my knees as I am a keen Telemark skier. I found one that seemed easy enough and added a couple of Yoga once to cool down.
However… mostly I was whaling on my mat. Yes its now a verb.  😉

In this first one, there are a couple of new moves I have not done before, and Tracy was almost done with a move when I got the hang of things. Well I got about 11 reps inn on each, so I will have to build up.
Today, the day after I really can feel how efficient this workout was, and in areas that I wanted. And today… very very sore. I am very happy with it, and will do it once a week.

After some serious down time on the mat I cooled down and opened up with this:

First workout of 2015 – Auch

Armed with my brand new playlist, some candles and a magazine with a promesing strength routine I headed for my basement. My corner gym!

I did 2 mins of the Kettlebell swing and then 2 minutes with toe kicks opposite streighIMG_20150104_185118t arm/hand. Finished the warm up with some jogging around the mat feeling pretty stupid. 😀

For strength I did about 7 minutes of legs and 5 minutes arms. After that about 5 minutes abs and back.

I then started the yoga part and did 3 Sun salutations, the frog, the warrior, the triangle and ended up in some good stretches.
I then mediated for about 10 minutes, not very successfully. Loads of thoughts streaming through 🙂

Al in all it was a good workout to be the first since before Christmas! About 1 hour after workout my muscles started complaining. Now, the morning after it is picking up! Its a good pain though! 😉

New find – youtube channels – Makeup

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 01.54.26

I love Youtube. I often joke about having learned all I know from youtube, and it is not entirely true, but my goodness so many gems to discover and new topics to learn.

On of my recent finds is Vivianna does Makeup. She is so cute, and funny and have pretty similar taste to mine. Wish I also had her skills.
I highly recommend her videos if you are not already following her!
Link to her channel >

Getting fitter – yes it is that time of the year

So this blog will be my exercise journal the next months. I am going to get back into shape. Normally I start off January with a detox (love them), but this year it will have to wait. I am a mum first, and now is not a good time in my family to run off on my own foodwise. So I will eat less, log everything I eat in my Lifesum app.

My basement has an unused corner and it will now be my personal gym. It will have a bike, kettle bells, mats, wights, a ball, speakers that connect with my phone and candles for my yoga sessions.

I have made myself a playlist on Spotify. It is 2 warm up tracks, 4 heavy lifting tracks, 1 cool down track, and then 3 yoga tracks. The last one will make me sleep for sure! Might have a wakeup alarm in there as well 🙂

A picture of my corner gym will arrive shortly 😉

Here is my playlist, suggestions are wanted!

Spring dog walk

Spring dog walk

Barbour top
$120 – repertoirefashion.co.uk

Barbour cotton jacket
$420 – liberty.co.uk

J.Crew jeans

Barbour short boots
$160 – allsole.com

Barbour hat
$39 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar
$160 – frontgate.com