My travel cosmetics

I should probably have an exiting job that was taking me around the world. I don´t.
I love traveling!
I use most of my savings on it, and when I daydream, I go on vacation!
Not known to be one of those cool backpacker girls that hike around exotic islands. I am quite boring when I travel. I do Europe… Well, I have been to the magical India quite a few times now, but mainly its just Europe.

I love England, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Yes and also Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

My skin is a nightmare. It is oily, breaking out by the minute, dry patches, wrinkles, freckles and gets sunburned even with no sun present. So when I go traveling, I need my skincare even and also especially when I travel!
IMAG1849-3 IMAG1848-3
After 15 years on Dermatologica and 3 years with Origins I have now entered the Liz Earle period. It started out as with everybody else. The magnificent Hot cloth cleanser. And as everybody else that has tested it, the first time its like: “WOW can my skin really feel this clean?” And yet its still soft and moist. I fell in love instantly.
Then came the tonic and then the day cream light. My skin loves this stuff.
Its not magical, but it sure is good value for money. And have you ever seen a brand with this many travel size products?

Under you see the other products I love and bring with me. All of them available in travel sizes! The images should be clickable so that if you are curious you can check out where there available.

Travel beauty products

I really was inspired by Vivianna does makeup and her packing for travels. I went straight to Muji and bought the travel bag and love it to bits. It fits everything even though so small. And yes it is the size small that both Anna and I have.
I am not one of those blogger girls that get sent a lot of free suff. I have bought these products on my own, and are not payed or supported in any way.