My awesome breakfast smoothie

I make smoothies almost every morning, an I love it. It keeps my stomach going, I get 5 a day and no cravings until lunch.
Today’s recipe is not one of my healthiest, but soo good!!

Awesome tropical Smoothie
A big glass for you and a small glass for someone you love! 🙂
1/2 cup of pineapple
1/2 cup of mango
3 tbs of red currant (optional)
3 tbs of coco milk light/diet
1 cup of non alcoholic apple cider or apple juice



A lunch with me!

Today I took the train to our only Starbucks, its on the main airport. A silly thing to doo really, but sometimes I need a wee bit of me-time! Even though I train to work everyday I find it sooo relaxing.

As my boss was off on leave, nobody noticed me being out for over an hour!

I got a fantastic chocolate chip cookie and a flat white latte. Yummy!!

I find airports quite exiting! As I love traveling, airports normally is quite boring with all their queuing and waiting business. But when I just pop by and leave after 15 minutes the experience is quite different!
A lot of different languages flying in the air. People sad for leaving, exited people visiting, happy people coming home and busy people too late for their flight.
And then there is me! No luggage, no appointment, no travel books … Just me, a cup of splendid coffee and a cookie!