Visiting Hampshire!

One of my great loves is traveling! And most of all I love to travel England!
I am affraid it has become an addiction!
I need to go visit regularly.
It is hard to describe when and why this interest begun, but it might be that Jane had a finger in the game 😉 Both Austen and Eyre.

I love the English hospitality, how politely and lovingly I am treated when visiting! Their love for gardening and dogs help off course. The countryside is magnificent, the coast is wild and rough and the moors, hills and meadows of the north is captivating.

So far I have mainly visited Surrey. Some scattered visits to north, south west and west, but mainly Surrey! Some say Surrey is like Florida. Mostly tourists and rich people, but I adore it!

Next week is easter vacation and I will have loads of days off. Hmmm what to do? Yes, England off-course.
A brit at work suggested Meon valley in Hampshire. I asked why and here is his answer: Peaceful, picturesque cottages and villages, great local food, valleys, woods etc.
Well I was sold at peaceful!
And yes, Jane lived there as well!

So a quick google search for Meon Valley + B&B and there we go!
Add a rental car and some overpriced flight tickets and off we go!
But not until next week!

Hiking in the South Downs is on the plan! May also spend some time in Winchester. My camera will tag along and help me save all the precious moments!


Hiking in the snow

We did not even consider bringing our skis to the mountains this weekend, and I bet it would not have made it much easier to get around. But walking in hiking shoes was no trip either. We got so wet, but I did bring my camera 🙂