1 Blazer 3 different styles

1 Blazer 3 different styles

I just bought myself a new blazer, and I am playing around with some outfits and styles. I bought it for work as my old one, was ohhh soo old, literally falling to pieces. As I do not have a lot of money I picked items looking similar to the once in my closet. My items are more Zara, Mango, COS and H&M, while the once on this pic are the brands I love but are to expensive for my salary 🙂
Rag & Bone, Chloé and Jil Sanders is my favorites as they provide subtle elegant and high quality garments that easily combines with others without stealing the whole show.

Polyvore is Barbie for grown ups! 😉

Have a great sunday!


Going to India

ImageI am in a frenzy. I just learned that I am going to Mumbai in only a couple of weeks with work. I have been preparing quite a while and did take the vaccines a month ago. Just in case it would all come together in the end! And it did. 🙂

This week the hotel and plane tickets got booked. And today I went to the Indian embassy and applied for a Visa.
11 days in India! What a treat!
I do love traveling, but have never travelled out of Europe!

I do not think I have ever been this exited for traveling anywhere before. A new language, culture, new people, new smells, new food and a lot of stuff to learn.

I am not sure even how you say politely Hello in Hindi. Any tips will be much appreciated! I have been doing Yoga for some years, so I know the praying hands in front of the breast thing while saying Namaste. But I am not sure this is the proper thing to do when you meet colleagues out for a dinner date? Or meet Hotell or restaurant staff.

I work with a team in India now, via Skype, and I will learn to know two more teams on this trip, and all I know is that some of my developers sometimes say Ya on Skype. Which means yes. They are sooo good in English so Hindi or their other languages seldom pops up.

The Hotel seams to have a proper Spa… And I am thinking that I should indulge! I have actually not been to a spa since my wedding hen party, so it surely must be time to do it again. There also is a big outdoor swimming pool on the roof, and I am a keen swimmer, so I might be found there in the mornings. To leave home in minus 10 degrees Celsius for plus 30 sounds like a sweet deal right about now.

Picture og beautiful Sridevi in a colorful Sari!
This lovely picture of the actor Sridevi is from the feelgood movie English Vinglish which I adore!
A sweet gem of a movie.

And some shopping?
Some say: You have to buy a Sari. And yes they look sooo luxurious and feminine. But would I ever use it here at home? I am thinking no. But scarves big and small I would most certanly  use. Maybe something to wrap around me on the beach? Jewelry is also supposed to be available and reasonably priced.

Something else?
If you have been to Mumbai or India and have tips on shopping, language, culture or other things, please do leave a comment!


Dressing in autumn colors

I get inspired by the wonderful colors of autumn when going through my closet. 🙂

My new hat
My new Cashmere hat from COS is lovely!
My Antarctic Beech still have leaves
My Antarctic Beech still have leaves
My neighbors red Dogwood
My neighbors red Dogwood
The winter boots is out!
The winter boots is out!
Autumn leaves in frosted grass
Autumn leaves in frosted grass

Hat from COS, Jacket from Barbour, scarf from Shere Shop, red jeans from HM, Winter boots from Aldo and knitted dress from COS. Everything else is provided by the nature and keen gardeners!

Yessss! My new studded mouse flats

This friday afternoon I order myself the shoes I have had on my Want list for ages! Marc by Marc Jacobs ballet flats Mouse. And as they now are available with studs I thought that it would be a nice change! I have never tried Shopbop.com before and was a bit sceptic, but WOW. I ordered the shoes on friday around four pm, and it arrived here in Europe monday at noon. From the States! Thats insane! I will go back for sure!

I always dress up a bit too much, so these mouses will rock every outfit a bit down and out of the box, don’t you think??



If I where a rich girl, ta da da….

Well off course I´m not. But a girl can dream, can´t she?

If I where a rich girl, ta da da....

By Malene Birger dress
$370 – shoplesnouvelles.com

Burberry coat
£2,079 – farfetch.com

Balmain jeans
€690 – shopmrsh.com

Stella McCartney bra
$150 – journelle.com

Jimmy Choo boots
$518 – footcandyshoes.com

Reed Krakoff shoulder bag
$1,290 – reedkrakoff.com

Me&Ro earrings
$1,710 – barneys.com

Stella McCartney scarve
$389 – mytheresa.com

The Row sunglasses
$431 – asos.com

Chanel beauty product

Planning my Edinburgh stay

I am sooo looking forward to my first ever visit to Edinburgh. Now just a few days away! There is something so exiting about traveling alone. Nobody to tell me where to go, what to do, or what to like and not. And yes I know, no one to share everything with.

I am quite used to traveling alone on work trips, and know my way around dodgy areas and pocket thieves. The thing about traveling alone as a girl is to avoid tourists and blend in with the crowds. And the avoid tourists thing is why I have not visited Edinburgh before. 🙂 And now I am living outside of the city center with people I know. Just to be sure!

The trip this time is not for pleasure, or at least not just 🙂 I am enjoying life and traveling so much these days, so even if it is for work this trip, I am quite certain that it will be sooo much fun!

I am attending a work conference (NN/G Usability week) at a hotel in the city center two days, and have one day (this sunday) for only me! 🙂
The Royal Botanical gardens Edinburgh is my primary target and preferred activity that day. I am a keen gardener, and I am sure to find some good signs of the fabulous spring yet to arrive here at my doorstep.
I am hoping for Crocus, some early Rhododendrons, maybe a Magnolia or two and hopefully a lot of daffs! My favorite is Daphnes so I hope to spot one or two! 🙂

After this visit I am kind of clueless to what to do with my spare time. This would be the Sunday, monday and tuesday afternoons.
Off course I have heard that the castle is a must see. And I do love shopping, so I will not lack stuff to do I guess.

If how ever you have any suggestions, please do tip me!

Sooo much goodies in Jack Wills new Easter collection

Easter collection from Jack Wills

Millcroft Lightweight Gilet, $99
Diba kitten heel boots, $90
Shoulder handbag, $298
Handbag, $20
Butter London 3 Free Lacquer Nail Polish, $14

Part of the collection is a beautiful range called The English rose! Its really good to have some brands who are not throwing them selves at every new trend but keep us wanting for more preppy cool feminine garments!

Keep em coming Jack!