My travel cosmetics

I should probably have an exiting job that was taking me around the world. I don´t.
I love traveling!
I use most of my savings on it, and when I daydream, I go on vacation!
Not known to be one of those cool backpacker girls that hike around exotic islands. I am quite boring when I travel. I do Europe… Well, I have been to the magical India quite a few times now, but mainly its just Europe.

I love England, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Yes and also Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

My skin is a nightmare. It is oily, breaking out by the minute, dry patches, wrinkles, freckles and gets sunburned even with no sun present. So when I go traveling, I need my skincare even and also especially when I travel!
IMAG1849-3 IMAG1848-3
After 15 years on Dermatologica and 3 years with Origins I have now entered the Liz Earle period. It started out as with everybody else. The magnificent Hot cloth cleanser. And as everybody else that has tested it, the first time its like: “WOW can my skin really feel this clean?” And yet its still soft and moist. I fell in love instantly.
Then came the tonic and then the day cream light. My skin loves this stuff.
Its not magical, but it sure is good value for money. And have you ever seen a brand with this many travel size products?

Under you see the other products I love and bring with me. All of them available in travel sizes! The images should be clickable so that if you are curious you can check out where there available.

Travel beauty products

I really was inspired by Vivianna does makeup and her packing for travels. I went straight to Muji and bought the travel bag and love it to bits. It fits everything even though so small. And yes it is the size small that both Anna and I have.
I am not one of those blogger girls that get sent a lot of free suff. I have bought these products on my own, and are not payed or supported in any way.

Visiting Hampshire!

One of my great loves is traveling! And most of all I love to travel England!
I am affraid it has become an addiction!
I need to go visit regularly.
It is hard to describe when and why this interest begun, but it might be that Jane had a finger in the game 😉 Both Austen and Eyre.

I love the English hospitality, how politely and lovingly I am treated when visiting! Their love for gardening and dogs help off course. The countryside is magnificent, the coast is wild and rough and the moors, hills and meadows of the north is captivating.

So far I have mainly visited Surrey. Some scattered visits to north, south west and west, but mainly Surrey! Some say Surrey is like Florida. Mostly tourists and rich people, but I adore it!

Next week is easter vacation and I will have loads of days off. Hmmm what to do? Yes, England off-course.
A brit at work suggested Meon valley in Hampshire. I asked why and here is his answer: Peaceful, picturesque cottages and villages, great local food, valleys, woods etc.
Well I was sold at peaceful!
And yes, Jane lived there as well!

So a quick google search for Meon Valley + B&B and there we go!
Add a rental car and some overpriced flight tickets and off we go!
But not until next week!

Hiking in the South Downs is on the plan! May also spend some time in Winchester. My camera will tag along and help me save all the precious moments!

Going to India

ImageI am in a frenzy. I just learned that I am going to Mumbai in only a couple of weeks with work. I have been preparing quite a while and did take the vaccines a month ago. Just in case it would all come together in the end! And it did. 🙂

This week the hotel and plane tickets got booked. And today I went to the Indian embassy and applied for a Visa.
11 days in India! What a treat!
I do love traveling, but have never travelled out of Europe!

I do not think I have ever been this exited for traveling anywhere before. A new language, culture, new people, new smells, new food and a lot of stuff to learn.

I am not sure even how you say politely Hello in Hindi. Any tips will be much appreciated! I have been doing Yoga for some years, so I know the praying hands in front of the breast thing while saying Namaste. But I am not sure this is the proper thing to do when you meet colleagues out for a dinner date? Or meet Hotell or restaurant staff.

I work with a team in India now, via Skype, and I will learn to know two more teams on this trip, and all I know is that some of my developers sometimes say Ya on Skype. Which means yes. They are sooo good in English so Hindi or their other languages seldom pops up.

The Hotel seams to have a proper Spa… And I am thinking that I should indulge! I have actually not been to a spa since my wedding hen party, so it surely must be time to do it again. There also is a big outdoor swimming pool on the roof, and I am a keen swimmer, so I might be found there in the mornings. To leave home in minus 10 degrees Celsius for plus 30 sounds like a sweet deal right about now.

Picture og beautiful Sridevi in a colorful Sari!
This lovely picture of the actor Sridevi is from the feelgood movie English Vinglish which I adore!
A sweet gem of a movie.

And some shopping?
Some say: You have to buy a Sari. And yes they look sooo luxurious and feminine. But would I ever use it here at home? I am thinking no. But scarves big and small I would most certanly  use. Maybe something to wrap around me on the beach? Jewelry is also supposed to be available and reasonably priced.

Something else?
If you have been to Mumbai or India and have tips on shopping, language, culture or other things, please do leave a comment!


Planning my Edinburgh stay

I am sooo looking forward to my first ever visit to Edinburgh. Now just a few days away! There is something so exiting about traveling alone. Nobody to tell me where to go, what to do, or what to like and not. And yes I know, no one to share everything with.

I am quite used to traveling alone on work trips, and know my way around dodgy areas and pocket thieves. The thing about traveling alone as a girl is to avoid tourists and blend in with the crowds. And the avoid tourists thing is why I have not visited Edinburgh before. 🙂 And now I am living outside of the city center with people I know. Just to be sure!

The trip this time is not for pleasure, or at least not just 🙂 I am enjoying life and traveling so much these days, so even if it is for work this trip, I am quite certain that it will be sooo much fun!

I am attending a work conference (NN/G Usability week) at a hotel in the city center two days, and have one day (this sunday) for only me! 🙂
The Royal Botanical gardens Edinburgh is my primary target and preferred activity that day. I am a keen gardener, and I am sure to find some good signs of the fabulous spring yet to arrive here at my doorstep.
I am hoping for Crocus, some early Rhododendrons, maybe a Magnolia or two and hopefully a lot of daffs! My favorite is Daphnes so I hope to spot one or two! 🙂

After this visit I am kind of clueless to what to do with my spare time. This would be the Sunday, monday and tuesday afternoons.
Off course I have heard that the castle is a must see. And I do love shopping, so I will not lack stuff to do I guess.

If how ever you have any suggestions, please do tip me!