Black on the red carpet for The Oscars

Going to the Oscars

Sometimes, while daydreaming I wear the most beautiful gowns.
Often they are from my favorite designer Elie Saab. Sheer and light flowering things is what I vision. But then I found this black strong gown with a veil/cape, and I fell in love. Still Saab, but much stronger and more confident then the usual gowns. I am trying to keep the accessories light and airy to help off the strong and hard design. After some weeks in India I most certanly would love the biggest cuff, but settled for this light one.

I know I will never have an occasion to wear clothes like this, but a girl can dream …


Wearing colors!!

Some men has complained that use too much black in my wardrobe. Well it is slimming, and sooo easy to combine, so i must admit they are right! I use black a lot!
But now… In the summer, it is no black in sight!! I did these nails for a summer festival, and never have I ever gotten so much attention for my nails.