Getting fitter – yes it is that time of the year

So this blog will be my exercise journal the next months. I am going to get back into shape. Normally I start off January with a detox (love them), but this year it will have to wait. I am a mum first, and now is not a good time in my family to run off on my own foodwise. So I will eat less, log everything I eat in my Lifesum app.

My basement has an unused corner and it will now be my personal gym. It will have a bike, kettle bells, mats, wights, a ball, speakers that connect with my phone and candles for my yoga sessions.

I have made myself a playlist on Spotify. It is 2 warm up tracks, 4 heavy lifting tracks, 1 cool down track, and then 3 yoga tracks. The last one will make me sleep for sure! Might have a wakeup alarm in there as well ūüôā

A picture of my corner gym will arrive shortly ūüėČ

Here is my playlist, suggestions are wanted!


Doing the Detox thing





Chicken on salad


I look at my body in a very childish graphical way. It is a factory!

The liver and the spleen is the bins where all the waste goes. Waste such as artificial sweeteners and preservatives and other bad stuff put in diet and light food to make it look good and have the perfect texture. Medication, alcohol, coffee, candy and nicotine is also bad boys. 
So especially at christmas and summer holidays there is loads of extra waste queuing to get in the bins. 
This is why I am now on my 7th Detox. Every January and every August after the holidays I go through this Detox. To get the que back in order. 

The whole thing should be done in a month or so, to really clean it all out, but I do not have the stamina for that. I have done 1 week the 6 times before. But since I have been a good girl and turned my eating and drinking habits around, I will only do 3 days this time. 

Today is slowly ending and tomorrow is day 3. So looking forward to thursday. Because then the energy really kicks inn. My skin is already much better and my mood is lighter. Although I do have the famous headache, but it will disappear tomorrow! ūüôā¬†

Most people I talk to about this (which I almost never do anymore) shake their head and refuse to believe food can have such an impact. Well, try! After just a day, your body start reacting to the withdrawals and you will, I can promise, feel that changes are bobbling about.

When I am on the Detox I eat clean. Only veg, nuts, fruit, herbs, berries, chicken and fish. 2 meals a day is liquid and 1 is solid. Today I had my favorite clean dinner. 
Chicken breast on baby salad sprinkled with apple. Over the salad I sprinkle a lovely fruity dressing. 1 tbs apple vinegar, 2 tbs good olive oil, salt and pepper. 
It all comes together perfectly! ūüôā¬†

My breakfast juice is ginger, spinach, beetroot, oranges and carrots.