Home workout is the best! New efficient videos

Oh my goodness I can hardly walk… My hips and thighs are so sore. As I always do, I went out a bit to hard and ended up like a stranded whale on the mat.
I searched youtube to find a couple of workout videos cause I was a bit bored by my normal regime.
I wanted one that would target the hips, thighs and area around my knees as I am a keen Telemark skier. I found one that seemed easy enough and added a couple of Yoga once to cool down.
However… mostly I was whaling on my mat. Yes its now a verb.  😉

In this first one, there are a couple of new moves I have not done before, and Tracy was almost done with a move when I got the hang of things. Well I got about 11 reps inn on each, so I will have to build up.
Today, the day after I really can feel how efficient this workout was, and in areas that I wanted. And today… very very sore. I am very happy with it, and will do it once a week.

After some serious down time on the mat I cooled down and opened up with this: